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Praxis für Psychotherapie HeilPrG


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About me..



When in 1993 my son was born, I saw it as my responsibility to give him as much goodness and wisdom on his path of life as possible.  Taking a closer look at my own life and also personally experiencing family constellation work, I realised how influenced and branded we are through our own family stories, our parents and grandparents. And yes, possibly even generations beyond. Not only do we inherit the hair colour or eye colour, but a whole lot more. This chapter of my life was the beginning of a journey in which I experienced and learnt the  full wonder of healing, happiness and relief. I was fascinated by the diversity of different lives and the various paths and stories that I encountered during this journey. This led me to the decision that I wanted to work in this field and became a Practicioner for Psychotherapy myself. It deeply touches me with each and every day that through my work I help others to encounter and unveil their lives with more happiness, lightness, freedom and love.  


As a business woman, I was also able to integrate and position the advantages of Systemic Energy Process Work and the Biological Decoding. For 21 years I have led a small business with 5 employees and a large customer base. Through the understanding of the influences and brandings of our personal and family pasts, but also understanding the origins of our stress, I was able to work in more detail and depth with my employees and able to respond to their own needs, both personally and professionally. I was also able to respond and communicate as a mediator. Also my contact and relationship to my clients became more diverse, benevolent and aware. My perspective towards wishes, needs and people was changing and expanding, becoming more compassionate. I have learned to view my therapeutic trainings as holistic methods and not just in our own personal lives, whether our relationship to ourselves or others, but also in our professional lives. It allows us to unfold and unveil our full potential. I offer my expertise to you as an individual, but also to businesses, whether family or corporate, as well as various other organizations and communities.


In addition to my therapeutic work, I have also engaged and occupied myself with nutrition and healthy living, primarily with Ayurveda and Yoga. Since the year 2000, I have also supported and consulted various businesses, families and clients as a health consultant together with the Japanese founded company Nikken. I offer lectures and products which improve your sleep, the quality of your water as well as living environments.