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Praxis für Psychotherapie HeilPrG


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Find your inner strength and potential

With my guidance, you will discover the sources and roots of your problem and detect the emotions and energies captured within. In this process you find out which inner beliefs and convictions nourish your behavioral patterns. Possibilities will  develop to correct these inner pictures to transform all your hindering views and self-sabotaging paradigms into appreciative and conductive ones.

  • Systemic Energetic Process Work in a group setting: 

With the assistance of chosen representatives, standing for each aspect of the conflict or symptom, the participants arrange and approach these respectively in an open room. Through the response of the representatives (this includes their position placement and their physical and emotional responses), the images and the core sources of the participants situation or symptom are revealed. Physical symptoms are viewed and observed through my experience with Biological Decoding. Through this, a process evolves that communicates deep insights and solutions. With the help of applied kinesiology, I am able to continuously check and confirm the verification of statements and acknowledgements gained in this process work. Furthermore, with methods based on Energetic Psychology, I am able to release and dissolve the tensions and traumas of the participants, as well as their representatives.


fee on request


  • One to one personal session:

In these personal sessions, you and I work together as mentioned above, however, with the assistance of objects rather than participants, who represent or symbolize the situation and / or your symptom.


60 min fee: 90.-€


Please contact me for your personal appointment or one with your spouse or family. If you need further information, I will gladly answer your questions.



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