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Praxis für Psychotherapie HeilPrG


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We have been influenced and branded from the very first day of our existence. Our existence not only began with our birth, but from the conception and pregnancy on. The emotions, sentiments and feelings from our parents and their environment also birthed themselves in our mother´s womb. Most of our influences and brandings however, rooted themselves in our beginning and childhood. These determine our entire life and unconsciously affect our reactions and responses, our feelings and our beliefs.

Many of these influences and brandings have their origins in our previous family generations, and yet they manage to determine our present lives even though they are no longer justified.

It is through these influences and brandings that we develop our personality and individuality. But these can also block and hinder you. These blockades rest deep in your subconscious and we don´t necessarily know their origin, and yet they have such a strong influence and both effect and affect our behavior and being. They clog, obstruct, sometimes even lame us or sometimes even make us respond in ways we wish we wouldn´t respond.

Liberate your body and soul

A symptom or an illness is a biological solution to a trauma or conflict offered by the subconscious which the mind was not able to process the impact emotionally while occurring.

Your family history and biography collected in a genogram, the importance of how your own pregnancy and birth was experienced and which atmospheric circumstances your parents had to deal with during that time, stations of your childhood, all these information I will work and sort out with you to find the source of your thinking and behavioral patterns.


60 min fee: 90.-€


Can be resolved!

Biological Decoding can be the solution for your child encountering difficulties in school. If your child has a hard time with mathematics, grammar, homework or even has a diagnosis like ADS just to name a few examples we will find out together why the subconscious of your child has to choose this symptom as a solution in the context of his heritage.


60 min fee: 75.-€


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